GOLD Ginseng Power Drink MILD (Kopie)

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GOLD Pure natural power drink with fermented red ginseng

Red Ginseng Energy Drink
0.55% Red Ginseng Extract, 2.6% Fermented Red Ginseng Extract, 76.48% Water, 13% Isomaltoogliosaccharides, 3.4% Plant Extract (Angelicae gigantis radix, Cnidii Rhizoma, Paeoniae radix, Rehmanniae radix and Rhizoma preparata), 1.8% Ganoderma Extract, 1.8% Jujube Extract, 0.2% Cornus Fruit Extract, 0.1% Xanthan Gum, 0.05% Vitamin C, 0.02% Grapefruit Seed Extract

– Keeps you fit and vital with increased mental and physical stress
– balancing, balancing, energy-
ideal for on the go, easy handling

This product is also available as a normal strong flavor variant,
the GOLD Power Drink


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GOLD Ginseng Power Drink MILD the healthy energy drink

GOLD Ginseng Power Drink MILD is an ideal substitute for energetic or ionic drinks, because the ingredients of GOLD Ginseng Power Drink MILD are pure and natural. The ginseng power drink is extracted from a six-year Korean ginseng root and fermented. It helps you maintain a sense of balance and balance when you experience special mental and / or physical stress. Even with increased workload, the Power Drink is an ideal companion. You feel like fatigue, stress and headaches are easier to overcome.

Ingestion and dosage of GOLD Ginseng Power Drink MILD

Take a pouch of the energy drink out of the packaging and shake it so that the liquid spreads well. Tear open the packaging and enjoy. If you like, you can dilute the drink with water.
The power drink has a brown color.

in a cool place, preferably in the fridge and avoid direct sunlight

Material of the packing

GINLAC // KUAN Industrial Co. Ltd.


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